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What Rummy Winners Do With Their Cash Wins

2024-04-16 Rummywin Blog

The maiden valentine's week promotion at Rummy Win was talk of the town as it was the hottest sizzle in this chilly weather. There is a difference between a laugh and smile as the latter one is bit shy, similarly there are regular old boring promotions and then there are exciting week long bumper promotions with Rummy Win. And, we know how to make you ROFL. It has been a memorable week for us; honestly the response from the people of India was extremely good.

The New Approach

Since day one, there were thousands of registrations. Be it Deals RummyPool Rummy, or Points Rummy; everybody was enjoying their stay at India’s most loved online rummy site. The opening battle on the tables was thrilling and nail biting as many games went down to the wire. At Rummy-win.com, we’ve seen many plays, but what we saw the first day was an epic battle! Everybody was so impressed by the card manipulations, amazing and proficient mathematical approach, card counting, and techniques they were using for card hunting. All their skills were impeccable and most players played like true champions.

“Crafted to Perfection and Playing the game like a Maestro”

Playing to win and playing not to lose cannot be framed in the same line. We’ve seen a drift in the approach of the players in the past few months. The defense mechanism has now become an old man’s tale and attacking game play is the new fast lane on the online rummy highway. The game has evolved a lot recently and the game has become more competitive.

Champion Song

No, we are not talking about DJ Bravo and the famous shimmies from Caribbean. Our rummy players were on cloud number 9 while participating in this promotion. There were many ladies at the tables too. We’ve got bankers, teachers, IT professionals, housewives all were showing no mercy to their opponents. From day one, girls showed a keen interest primarily on the points rummy table. Mrs. Manikuntala, a bank employee from Karnataka was among the best we’ve seen. She took the full advantage of the bonus package and from the beginning; it was all about business for her.

“The calculated risks are far better than waiting and waiting for the right card”

Have you ever heard the quote “All Hail the King” well, the famous text now requires a little modification. The massive contribution of the ladies was phenomenal and after watching Mrs. Aagasthiya, we were mesmerized, with just a little deposit of Rs 1500, she was able to win Rs 25,000. Being a housewife it was a delightful gift as she plans to buy a fridge for this summer. Most of us always expect our cards to be great, but Mrs. Aagasthiya was always about making the best use the cards and that’s why she came out as a winner.

All’s Well That Ends Well

Bringing and executing a week long promotion was so much fun for us and our players. All the exciting action on the tables was a display of play, love and win. From the time of registration to playing thrilling games of Points, Pool and Deals Rummy games and winning them, the journey was full of surprises and challenges. There was a bucket full of expectations and we were determined to pull this one off in style and with passion.

Our dream is to provide an advanced digital environment for the players of India. And, to accomplish this we’ve presented Valentines Week promotion that allowed players to add 100% match bonus up to Rs 2000 in their account, by using the Bonus Code LOVE17 between 13th to 18th FEB.


It was an amazing week for us. We thank all our players for being the part of this promotion. Wish you lots and lots of success in the coming weeks. See you at the tables!